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    T he readers of Irrigation Leader know that our field is always advancing—whether because of decades-long conservation and infrastructure projects or because of technological leaps that improve the equipment in the field. In our cover story this month, we talk with Lori Brady, the manager of Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District, which has embarked on an ambitious, 40-year project to enhance its infrastructure and make it more efficient. A more efficient delivery system means that individual farmers can also use water more efficiently. Ms. Brady tells us about how her district’s new automated check structures and the enclosed laterals it is currently installing serve both environmental and economic ends. We also…

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    Besler Industries’ Pivot Track Closer

    B esler Industries is a family-owned company based in Cambridge, Nebraska, that for more than 45 years has been manufacturing agricultural equipment and machinery. Its machines are designed in-house and are highly customizable. One of Besler Industries’ newest items is a pivot track closer, a device used to fill in the ruts caused by the wheels of center pivots. In this interview, Herb Besler, the owner and one of the cofounders of Besler Industries, speaks with Irrigation LeaderManaging Editor Joshua Dill about his company’s history and how the new pivot track closer was designed.

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    The Dynamic Dyna Flo Pump

    G eneral Irrigation and Dewatering of Oakes, NorthDakota, has been designing and installing deep-well and submersible pumps for over 50 years. One of its most versatile offerings is the Dyna Flo pump—a powerful, affordable, and easily towed pump that can pump 3,000–4,000 gallons of water a minute. It works well for draining flooded fields, flood irrigating, or just moving large quantities of water. In this interview, Dana Rosendahl, the president and owner of General Irrigation and Dewatering, talks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about his company’s history and how it developed the Dyna Flo pump.

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    How Reinke Adds Value to Irrigation Operations

    R einke Manufacturing and Irrigation began on a family farm in rural Nebraska during the 1950s. Still nestled in America’s heartland, today it is an international enterprise that provides quality irrigation equipment to growers everywhere. Richard Reinke, the company’s founder, introduced many concepts and innovations that are still found on modern center-pivot systems today. This innovation continues wit GPS and remote-control guidance systems that are paving the way for better efficiency in the fields. Advanced computer- assisted irrigation is another entry in Reinke’s long column of innovations. In this interview, Cody Bailey, the director of engineering at Reinke Manufacturing, speaks with Irrigation LeaderManaging Editor Joshua Dill about the company’s history,…

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    Increasing Yield with Valley’s X-Tec Drive System

    V alley Irrigation is a global leader in center- pivot and linear irrigation equipment, with its equipment irrigating approximately 25 million acres worldwide. In addition to advancing software and control technology, Valley is also committed to improving irrigation hardware: the structure and drivetrain. In 2017, Valley launched the X-Tec drive system, which can go twice as fast as a conventional center-pivot drive system while maintaining torque and control. In this interview, Chris Righter, the product manager for structure and drive systems at Valley, speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about the technology that makes the X-Tec possible and how the drive system can benefit farmers nationwide.

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    Mobile Drip Irrigation: An Interview With Monty Teeter

    T eeter Irrigation, Inc., was founded by Monty Teeter in 1977 in his garage and has since grown to eight locations across western Kansas and eastern Colorado. Mr.Teeter’s most groundbreaking invention is Dragon-Line, a system that uses drip tubing to convert a center-pivot irrigation system into a mobile drip irrigation system. In addition to saving water, Dragon-Line applies that water precisely and directly into the soil, rather than spraying it in the air where it can blow away, evaporate, or cause leaf burn. Dragon-Line, LLC, was established as an independent company in 2014, and the technology won the Irrigation Association’s best new agricultural irrigation product award at its 2016 Irrigation…

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    Bringing Sub-Inch Precision to the Irrigation Field: T-L Irrigation

    T -L Irrigation Company has been providing irrigation solutions since 1955. The family-owned company, based in Hastings, Nebraska, introduced its line of mechanized irrigation systems in the late 1960s. Since then, it has continued to innovate to make its products more reliable and easier to use. These days, that means enabling customers to irrigate their fields with extreme precision— moving their systems in straight lines with sub-inch accuracy using GPS or choosing which portions of a field to irrigate using a touchscreen display. In this interview, Neal Schlautman, the engineering manager at T-L Irrigation, speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about his company’s history, its current offerings, and…

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    Providing Compliance for the Platte River Basin

    Environmental and ecological concerns are always a high priority in the development of water infrastructure projects. In the Platte River basin states of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP) is ensuring that water providers meet their Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance obligations by promoting the development and protection of habitat for threatened and endangered native species. To accomplish this mission, PRRIP has hired Headwaters Corporation, a natural resources management consulting firm that assists clients with water resources planning, permitting, and engineering; biological and ecological sciences; and habitat and land management. With its combination of technical expertise and practical experience, Headwaters produces innovative and sustainable land…

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    Cooperating to Restore the Yakima Basin An interview with Phil Rigdon

    Phil Rigdon has over two decades of experience in the Yakama Nation's Department of Natural Resources. and today is the department’s superintendent. He has been involved in numerous regional and intertribal initiatives, including the Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative, the Yakima River Basin Watershed Enhancement Project Workgroup and Conservation Advisory Group, the Washington State Columbia River Policy Advisory Group, the Intertribal Timber Council, and the Hanford Natural Resource Trustee Council. In recognition of his commitment to cooperation in managing the water resources of the Yakima basin, Mr. Rigdon was the 2018 recipient of the Washington State Water Resources Association’s (WSWRA) Water Resources Leadership Award for excellence in water resources management. In…

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    Volume 10 Issue 2 February Washington Edition 2019 Leading Cooperation in the Yakima Basin

    Phil Rigdon is the superintendent of the Yakama Nation’s Department of Natural Resources, which employs over 500 people and works on fisheries, water, forestry, and environmental protection. Under Mr. Rigdon’s direction, the department has been undertaking tributary supplement and aquifer recharge projects in the Yakima basin in order to serve the Nation’s out-of-stream needs, benefit agriculture, and restore native salmon to vast areas of Washington State. Mr. Rigdon has also been pivotal in cooperating with neighboring irrigation districts to pursue shared goals. We discuss all this and more in this month’s Irrigation Leader cover story. In this month’s issue, we also speak with a number of executives, professionals, inventors, and…