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    Besler Industries’ Durable Pickup Flatbeds

    Nebraska-based Besler Industries is a family-owned company that builds bale loaders, pivot track closers, tillage equipment, and other machines well known to irrigated farmers. Another of its most popular products is its pickup truck flatbed. The flatbeds are customizable and can accommodate a number of modular boxes according to the user’s needs. Best of all, they’re so durable that they often outlive the trucks they’re installed on. Besler’s flatbeds will be of interest to any irrigation district or organization with a fleet of pickups.  In this interview, Herb Besler, the owner of Besler Industries; Roland Besler, the production manager; and Cliff Kester, the inside sales manager, speak with Irrigation Leader…

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    Dawson Tire’s Mighty RhinoGator Tire

    Dawson Tire and Wheel, based in Gothenburg, Nebraska, is well known for its irrigation tires and wheels. Its most famous product is quite recognizable: the bright green polyethylene RhinoGator pivot tire. The solid RhinoGator will never go flat or fill with water or mud, and it is also UV protected. In this interview, Eric MacPherson, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Dawson Tire and Wheel, speaks with Irrigation Leader about his company and how he developed the RhinoGator tire.

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    Are Goats the Answer to Your Maintenance Needs?

    The term goatscaping often elicits a quizzical look and a half smile, followed by the question, “What?” While the word isn’t in the dictionary and has nothing to do with scapegoats, it’s well known among land managers. Goatscaping is the centuries-old technique of using goats to maintain property. 

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    In-Situ’s Flow Meters: A Practical Choice for Farmers and Irrigators

    Founded 40 years ago and originally focused on water level measurement for the mining industry, the Fort Collins, Colorado-based company In-Situ has recently moved decisively into the fields of flow monitoring and water quality solutions for industrial, agricultural, wastewater, and storm water clients. Recent research and development work and strategic acquisitions, including that of the Australian company MACE, have filled out In-Situ’s array of ultrasonic flow meters, data loggers, and controllers. In-Situ’s MACE flow meters and Doppler A/V sensors are particularly promising as practical alternatives to mag meters for farmers and irrigation managers. Timothy Hicks is a flow expert who recently became a business development manager for agriculture at In-Situ.…

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    How to Successfully Use Data Analytics to Make HR Decisions

    Human resources (HR) is an important field for any organization, irrigation districts included. Finding the right employees and making sure they are performing at the top of their abilities is crucial to an organization’s success. While gut instinct always plays a role in personnel decisions, data analytics are playing an increasingly important role as well. If done correctly, recording and analyzing data about the hiring process and about employee performance can give managers important information about how to improve their organizations’ performance. In this interview, Diane Campanile, the director of human capital management and employer compliance at Lyons Insurance, tells Irrigation Leader about the promise and pitfalls of collecting, storing,…

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    RH2 Engineering: Finding Ways to Make Irrigation Infrastructure More Reliable and Long Lasting

    RH2 Engineering, Inc., has been providing civil engineering, planning, and environmental services to municipal and irrigation clients across the Pacific Northwest for 40 years. RH2 can provide irrigation district clients with designs for full facility upgrades or evaluations of their assets that allow them to pinpoint crucial pieces of infrastructure to repair or replace. RH2’s efficiency-boosting designs include variable frequency drives and automatic controls. In this interview, RH2 Project Manager Kyle Smith speaks with Irrigation Leader about his company’s services and the trends he sees today in the irrigation infrastructure world.

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    Daren Coon: Insights From a Career at NMID

    Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District (NMID) is the largest irrigation district in Idaho, covering 69,000 acres and serving 100,000 water users. Over recent decades, its area has undergone a dramatic process of urbanization, necessitating the construction of a pressure urban irrigation system. It also went through the title transfer process with the Bureau of Reclamation during the 1980s and 1990s, acquiring title to its infrastructure and helping to shape the title transfer process along the way. In this interview, outgoing NMID Secretary-Treasurer and Secretary of the Board Daren Coon takes a look back at his long career at the district and provides us with the insights he has gained along…

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    Reclamation’s Successes in the Pacific Northwest

    Lorri Gray, the director of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Columbia–Pacific Northwest Region, has been working for the agency since high school. With experience working for Reclamation in Nevada; Washington, DC; and Idaho in a wide range of positions, Director Gray knows the agency inside and out. In this interview with Irrigation Leader, Director Gray discusses Reclamation’s recent steps to address the Odessa groundwater area, the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan (YBIP), and the Columbia River Treaty.

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    Volume 11 Issue 2 February 2020

    Lorri Gray has been working for the Bureau of Reclamation since high school. Today the director of the Columbia–Pacific Northwest region, she knows the agency inside and out, and it is always a pleasure—and an educational experience—to speak with her. In our cover story, she talks about the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Plan, the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, title transfer, and the Columbia River Treaty.  Another person of great experience we have the privilege of interviewing in this issue is Daren Coon. He has been at Idaho’s Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District for 44 years and has been its secretary-treasurer and secretary of the board for more than three decades. During…