Irrigation Leader
Map showing Colorado and Nebraska with different locations marked with numbers 1 through 8.

From Yuma to Lincoln A Map of the Tour

From September 8 to 15, 25 New Zealanders toured irrigation districts, natural resources districts, university research centers, and other sites in Colorado and Nebraska to learn more about irrigation and water management in the United States.

1 - Yuma, Colorado

After flying into Denver, Colorado, the tour participants traveled 21/2 hours to Yuma, Colorado, to visit Agri-Inject and the Irrigation Research Foundation.

2 - Imperial, Nebraska

The group’s first stop in Nebraska was the Upper Republican Natural Resources District (URNRD) in the city of Imperial. Participants learned about water management in Nebraska and URNRD initiatives involving groundwater management.

3 - McCook, Nebraska

A half hour east of Imperial, the group visited Valley Irrigation’s factory in McCook, which manufactures pivots and pivot components.

4 - Cambridge, Nebraska

Next, the tour group visited the Frenchman Cambridge Irrigation District, on the west edge of Cambridge, where they learned more about irrigation district modernization with district General Manager Brad

5 - North Platte, Nebraska

The next stop was North Platte, where the tour group toured the University of Nebraska– Lincoln’s West Central Research and Extension Center and learned about its TAPS program for irrigation and nitrogen management. They also visited N-CORPE, the Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement Project, a joint project of four local natural resources districts aiming to increase stream flows in the Platte and Republican Rivers.

6 - Grand Island, Nebraska

In Grand Island, the group participated in Husker Harvest Days, an irrigated working farm show that featured new irrigation technology and equipment and exhibits focused on improving Nebraska and Corn Belt agriculture.

7 - Lincoln, Nebraska

The final city on the tour was Lincoln, where participants visited the University of Nebraska's Water for Food Global Institute.

8 - Memorial Stadium

The New Zealanders ended their tour with a Nebraska Huskers football game at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Memorial Stadium