A Conversation With Sam Hull of Ahtanum Irrigation District

Ahtanum Irrigation District encompasses approximately 10,300 acres in the Ahtanum Valley of Washington State and has a history dating back to 1852. Sam Hull is a member of Ahtanum Irrigation District’s board of directors. In this conversation with Joshua Dill, the managing editor of Irrigation Leader, Mr. Hull discusses his district’s history and unique features […]

Ed Mitchell: Operations Manager of Benton Irrigation District

Photo of Benton Irrigation District's river pump station in 2010 showing construction

Benton Irrigation District serves over 4,500 acres of urban and agricultural land around Benton County in southeastern Washington. Over the last decade, BID undertook a $35 million project to convert its open-ditch system into a fully pressurized, completely pipe-based system. This technological leap has resulted in significant advances in water conservation. Kris Polly, editor-in-chief of […]

Securing Idaho’s Water Flow

Photo of Brian Olmstead pointing to the left

As in most parts of rural America, agriculture reigns supreme in southern Idaho. The area receives around 10 inches of rain and 19 inches of snow per year, but a substantial amount of water is required to ensure that traditional crops, such as corn, barley, potatoes, and beets, can flourish. Since 1903, the Twin Falls […]

Economic Development in North-Central Montana

Photo portrait of Paul Tuss

C reated in 1969 as an economic development district, Bear Paw Development Corporation has been shaping the economic landscape of north-central Montana for nearly 50 years. Since its inception, a dedicated team of specialists have been managing economic development projects, assisting local governments in planning public works, and coordinating investments to further advance the local […]