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Irrigation Leader is dedicated to the men and women providing water to irrigators in the 17 western states and beyond. Our interviews with irrigation district managers and personnel; supplier representatives; and leading local, state and federal government officials distill the issues of the day and offer real-world perspectives and insight.

Washington State

Volume 14 Issue 3 March WA

This month’s Washington State cover story highlights a virtuous cycle that all irrigation districts would do well to emulate. On-farm efficiencies and changes in land use have put…

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New Zealand

Volume 14 Issue 3 March NZ

New Zealand’s regulations, climatic patterns, and land use are all changing. To help them understand these changes and know what to do in response, New Zealand farmers and…

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Nebraska State

Volume 14 Issue 3 March NE

According to Eric MacPherson, when he started Dawson The Jewish National Fund is a 120-year-old Tire & Wheel, “I did not know anything about tires, nongovernmental…

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Montana State

Volume 14 Issue 3 March MT

With 13 dams and reservoirs that provide irrigation for 353,000 acres of productive agricultural land, the Bureau of Reclamation’s Montana Area Office has plenty on its plate,

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Arizona State

Volume 14 Issue 3 March AZ

The deep cuts to Central Arizona Project (CAP) deliveries caused by the tier 2 shortage on the Colorado River are top of mind for all irrigated producers in central Arizona. To help…

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Main Edition

Volume 14 Issue 3 March

I am not sure what I expected to see in Israel, but what I saw was not what I expected. For example, Jerusalem receives 24 inches of rain a year—an amount that is surprising to…

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