Volume 14 Issue 2 February MT

If anyone knows their way around Montana water, it’s Mike Murphy, the longtime executive director of the Montana Water Resources Association (MWRA)…

Volume 14 Issue 1 January MT

First in time, first in right should be a simple rule to follow. But as Montana Water Court Judge Russ McElyea tells us, adjudicating water rights is…

Volume 13 Issue 10 Nov/Dec MT

With levels in Lakes Powell and Mead continuing to sink, the Colorado basin drought is still top of mind for everyone in the American West.

Volume 13 Issue 9 October

Irrigation districts own and operate major infrastructure and powerful machines, but their greatest assets are their employees. That being the case, it is just as important for

Volume 13 Issue 8 September

The Equipment Issue By Kris Polly To build and maintain large networks of canals, laterals, and pipelines spanning many miles of territory, irrigation districts rely on fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment, which they must successfully and cost-effectively acquire, maintain, keep track of, and retire. This month, we focus on those assets.  First, we bring […]

Volume 13 Issue 7 July/August

Finding New Revenue Sources and Planning Finances By Kris Polly In this month’s cover feature, Greenfields Irrigation District Manager Erling Juel tells us about his organization’s plan to build several hydropower plants and to put the revenue gained toward funding repairs, modernization, and water conservation.  We also speak with Congressman Dan Newhouse of Washington State […]

Volume 13 Issue 6 June

An Advocate for Montana Irrigated Agriculture By Kris Polly With a background in engineering, water resources, and irrigation and as a principal and cofounder of Performance Engineering, Scott Aspenlieder’s background equips him perfectly for his role as the president of the Montana Water Resources Association (MWRA). In that role, he works to protect water rights […]

Scott Aspenlieder: Representing Irrigated Ag at the Montana Water Resources Association

At the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), and the University of California Cooperative Extension, researchers help growers adopt advanced water management solutions in the face of recurring drought and dwindling water supplies. In this interview, Irrigation Leader speaks with Daniele Zaccaria, an associate professor at UC Davis and an agricultural water management specialist at […]

Governor Greg Gianforte: Investing in Irrigation and Supporting Montana Agriculture

Montana is renowned for the beauty of its land and the excellence of its agricultural production, from wheat and pulse crops to meat. That agricultural production, however, relies on water and the irrigation infrastructure that delivers it. From maintenance on century-old projects like the Milk River Project to proposed new ventures like the Fallon Flats […]

Volume 13 Issue 5 May

Introducing the Montana Edition By Kris Polly I am pleased this month to introduce our new Montana edition of Irrigation Leader, and there is no better way to do it than with our cover interview with Governor Greg Gianforte, conducted by Contributing Editor Mike Murphy. Governor Gianforte is a champion for Montana agriculture, and in […]