Volume 14 Issue 8 September MT

Like so many western irrigation districts, the Huntley Project Irrigation District (HPID), established in 1907, has served many generations of farmers.

Volume 14 Issue 7 July/August MT

It can be rewarding to pick the brain of a person about the topic they know best, and that’s why I think this month’s cover story is so fun to read. Our Montana engineering…

Volume 14 Issue 6 June MT

This month, we have the honor of featuring an interview with United States Senator Steve Daines. He tells us about the importance of irrigation to the production of Montana’s…

Volume 14 Issue 5 May MT

Many in Montana will remember the 2020 Jorge Ramírez Contreras, who handles marketing, strategy, catastrophic failure of drop 5 on the Milk River and communication for…

Volume 14 Issue 4 March MT

In this month’s cover story, our Montana Contributing Editor Mike Murphy interviews one of the top water leaders in Montana’s legislature: Senator Mike Lang, who among other …

Volume 14 Issue 3 March MT

With 13 dams and reservoirs that provide irrigation for 353,000 acres of productive agricultural land, the Bureau of Reclamation’s Montana Area Office has plenty on its plate,

Volume 14 Issue 2 February MT

If anyone knows their way around Montana water, it’s Mike Murphy, the longtime executive director of the Montana Water Resources Association (MWRA)…

Volume 14 Issue 1 January MT

First in time, first in right should be a simple rule to follow. But as Montana Water Court Judge Russ McElyea tells us, adjudicating water rights is…

Volume 13 Issue 10 Nov/Dec MT

With levels in Lakes Powell and Mead continuing to sink, the Colorado basin drought is still top of mind for everyone in the American West.

Volume 13 Issue 9 October

Irrigation districts own and operate major infrastructure and powerful machines, but their greatest assets are their employees. That being the case, it is just as important for