Volume 13 Issue 10 Nov/Dec NE

With levels in Lakes Powell and Mead continuing to sink, the Colorado basin drought is still top of mind for everyone in the American West.

Volume 13 Issue 9 October

Why is it that despite dry conditions in the state, the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (CNPPID) has been able to guarantee full allocations of water to its customers?

Volume 13 Issue 8 September

The Equipment Issue By Kris Polly To build and maintain large networks of canals, laterals, and pipelines spanning many miles of territory, irrigation districts rely on fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment, which they must successfully and cost-effectively acquire, maintain, keep track of, and retire. This month, we focus on those assets.  First, we speak […]

Volume 13 Issue 7 July/August

Introducing Nebraska’s New Congressman By Kris Polly This month, we have the privilege of presenting an interview with Nebraska’s newest member of Congress, Mike Flood. Congressman Flood, who was elected in a June special election, tells us his thoughts on irrigated agriculture and how he plans to support his constituents in Washington, DC.  We also […]