Volume 14 Issue 2 February NZ

With concerns about climate change and water quality and quantity driving new regulations, this is a difficult time for many New Zealand farmers.

Volume 14 Issue 1 January NZ

Stephen McNally is a longtime irrigation industry professional who now serves as Irrigation New Zealand’s principal technical advisor.

Volume 13 Issue 10 Nov/Dec NZ

With levels in Lakes Powell and Mead continuing to sink, the Colorado basin drought is still top of mind for everyone in the American West.

Volume 13 Issue 9 October

Irrigation districts own and operate major infrastructure and powerful machines, but their greatest assets are their employees. That being the case, it is just as important for

New Tools to Boost Efficiency at the Middle Republic Natural Resources District

The Middle Republican Natural Resource District (MRNRD) is one of Nebraska’s 23 natural resources districts (NRDs)—local, watershed-based agencies that handle a wide variety of environmental issues across the state, including groundwater quantity and quality, soil erosion, and flood prevention. In a district in which the largest source of water is groundwater—with an estimated 77 million […]

Volume 13 Issue 8 September

The Equipment Issue By Kris Polly To build and maintain large networks of canals, laterals, and pipelines spanning many miles of territory, irrigation districts rely on fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment, which they must successfully and cost-effectively acquire, maintain, keep track of, and retire. This month, we focus on those assets.  First, we speak […]

Vicky Bloomer of DROP Consulting: Supporting Irrigated Agriculture in Hawke’s Bay

Vicky Bloomer, the owner and director of DROP Consulting, has long experience with irrigated agriculture. Her time at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, an irrigation company, and Irrigation New Zealand (IrrigationNZ) gave her a thorough understanding of the pressures affecting irrigated farmers, water suppliers, and regulators, which she brings to her consulting work. In this […]

Volume 13 Issue 7 July/August

Bringing Experience to Water Conservation By Kris Polly In our cover feature this month, we interview Vicky Bloomer, the owner and director of DROP Consulting. Ms. Bloomer’s long experience with irrigated agriculture at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, an irrigation company, and Irrigation New Zealand, has given her a multifaceted view of the climatic, economic, […]

Chris Frost: New Reservoirs for New Zealand’s Northland Region

The Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust was created in 2020 to build new water storage and distribution infrastructure in New Zealand’s Northland Region. The trust’s goal is to create economic opportunities in horticulture for two areas in Northland by providing a reliable water source and eventually developing full irrigation schemes. In this interview, Chris Frost […]