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    Jeremy Sorensen of the Strawberry Water Users Association

    The Strawberry Water Users Association (SWUA) delivers 71,000 acre-feet of water to more than 40,000 acres of orchards and alfalfa fields, as well as burgeoning communities on the southern Wasatch Front in Utah County. SWUA uses the infrastructure of the Strawberry Valley Project, the first Bureau of Reclamation project in Utah, to move water from the Colorado River basin into the Great Basin. For General Manager Jeremy Sorensen, delivering water on behalf of SWUA is a family affair. Since SWUA was founded 100 years ago, there have only been 20 years in which there was not a Sorensen on the board of directors. Mr. Sorensen’s father is currently one of…

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    Common-Sense Safety for a Community Asset Canal Safety at the Salt River Project

    Canals account for the bulk of western water delivery systems. As communities and cities have grown around these water systems, the push to use them for purposes beyond water transmission and delivery intensifies. The Salt River Project (SRP) provides irrigation water and power to the greater Phoenix metro area. Over the years, SRP has worked with cities and developers to provide recreational and commercial development opportunities along its canal banks. In fact, SRP has permitted recreational use of its canal banks since 1964. For SRP, safety is part and parcel of both the water delivery and recreational components of its canals. While SRP does not warrant or represent safety along…

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    Nevada Water Resources Association

    Originating more than 70 years ago as a focus group on water resources for the Nevada State Engineer’s Office, the Nevada Water Resources Association (NWRA) provides a collaborative approach to addressing current and emerging water issues within the state. With a growing membership of more than 300 individual members and 26 corporate partners, NWRA is committed to providing education, training, and networking opportunities that pools collective knowledge and resources to increase stewardship of Nevada’s water resources. A primary focus of NWRA has been uniting the individuals, organizations, agencies, and industries that rely on the state’s water resources. Nevada’s geography shapes its varying perspectives on water resources. In the south, the…