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    Improving Fish Passage With the Flexi Baffle

    Efforts to improve fish passage in ecosystems like the Yakima River basin typically focus on large dams that block fish in a particularly obvious way. However, thousands of culverts in the small tributaries that feed a river system can block salmon and other fish from their spawning grounds, too. One solution for this problem is the Flexi Baffle, a New Zealand–developed product that allows fish to pass through culverts without reducing the capacity of the culvert. In North America, the Flexi Baffle is supplied by S. Scott & Associates, LLC, a natural resource consulting firm. In this interview, Shane Scott, the owner of S. Scott & Associates, speaks with Irrigation…

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    Developing Weed-Resistant Concrete

    Any irrigation district with open canals has to deal with weeds, algae, and moss. Removing these obstacles to water flow can be expensive, time-consuming, and environmentally hazardous. This is the problem that Craig Gyselinck, environmental assistant manager at Washington’s Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District, is seeking to solve with his research into weed-resistant concrete. In this interview, Mr. Gyselinck speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about the research grant he recently received and what he aims to accomplish with it.

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    Whooshh’s Innovative Fish Passage Solution—Save Water, Save Fish

    Fish passage requirements can pose a challenge to dam owners and operators, including irrigation districts. Traditional fish passage installations like fish ladders can require a significant amount of time and money to install. To solve this problem, Whooshh Innovations has created a portable, modular, and technologically advanced fish passage system that accelerates fish through a tube up and over a dam in seconds. Its more advanced models can also scan the fish that pass through them and record their size, species, and other characteristics. In this interview, Michael Messina, Whooshh Innovations’ director of market development and business affairs, speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about Whooshh Innovations’ fish…

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    How Lindsay’s Remote Pivot Management Software Boosts Efficiency

    Lindsay Corporation has been innovating in the irrigation and infrastructure worlds for over half a century. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the company has a global presence. Lindsay’s innovative tools for irrigated agriculture include its FieldNET integrated remote monitoring and management software and its full line of FieldNET hardware devices. In this interview, Reece Andrews, a product manager at Lindsay, speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about FieldNET and how it has affected growers and irrigators across the country.

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    McCrometer’s Pivot-Ready Flow Meters

    McCrometer and its engineering team have built flow meters for over 60 years, refining and improving them along the way. From mechanical propeller meters to electromagnetic meters with signal outputs, McCrometer has products for a wide variety of uses and situations. As center-pivot irrigation becomes more technologically sophisticated and draws on a wider range of data, flow meters are becoming an integral part of a center-pivot system. McCrometer’s flow meters can easily send data to a center-pivot control panel, providing a reliable measure of water flow on a continuous basis. In this interview, Ken Quandt, the government relations specialist for McCrometer, speaks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about how…

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    Besler Industries’ Pivot Track Closer

    B esler Industries is a family-owned company based in Cambridge, Nebraska, that for more than 45 years has been manufacturing agricultural equipment and machinery. Its machines are designed in-house and are highly customizable. One of Besler Industries’ newest items is a pivot track closer, a device used to fill in the ruts caused by the wheels of center pivots. In this interview, Herb Besler, the owner and one of the cofounders of Besler Industries, speaks with Irrigation LeaderManaging Editor Joshua Dill about his company’s history and how the new pivot track closer was designed.

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    The Dynamic Dyna Flo Pump

    G eneral Irrigation and Dewatering of Oakes, NorthDakota, has been designing and installing deep-well and submersible pumps for over 50 years. One of its most versatile offerings is the Dyna Flo pump—a powerful, affordable, and easily towed pump that can pump 3,000–4,000 gallons of water a minute. It works well for draining flooded fields, flood irrigating, or just moving large quantities of water. In this interview, Dana Rosendahl, the president and owner of General Irrigation and Dewatering, talks with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about his company’s history and how it developed the Dyna Flo pump.

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    The High-Tech Way to Fight E. Coli

    Ecoli-Sense is a startup company that has invented a nanomaterials-based device for instantaneously checking water supplies for E. coli contamination. Working either on the basis of a hand-held testing device or buoys that stay in a water body continuously, Ecoli-Sense’s system is both high tech and more affordable than traditional methods. In this interview, Ecoli-Sense’s chief executive officer Nisha Sarveswaran and Chief Technical Officer Jamal Zeinalov talk to Irrigation Leader writer Parker Kenyon about their company’s origins, its product, and its potential benifits for irrigation districts and water users.

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    Why Solar Is an Intelligent Investment for Irrigators

    As a state with cool weather and a lot of sun, Nebraska is an ideal location for solar-energy installations. Michael Shonka, the founder and president of Omaha-based Solar Heat and Electric, has been in the solar industry for over 30 years. In 2013, he installed a 25-kilowatt solar power installation on a center pivot for the first time. Since then, he has installed a number of other water pumping applications. In this interview with Irrigation Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill, Mr. Shonka discusses why solar power is a wise investment for irrigators, how it helps the environment, and the ways in which solar power stands to benefit Nebraska’s energy futur

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    Clearing Fields for Over 50 Years Degelman Industries Rock Pickers

    S ince 1962, Degelman Industries has been supplying farmers all around the United States and Canada with effective solutions for large-scale rock removal in their fields. Degelman designs and manufactures rock pickers—machines that give farmers the capability to quickly and effectively remove large numbers of rocks from their fields. Degelman was founded on a farm in Raymore, Saskatchewan. Wilf Degelman needed a better solution to removing the rocks from his fields than what his farmhands could provide. He designed and built his first rock picker: a machine that he could pull behind his tractors to remove rocks from the field. Degelman currently employs over 250 people at its manufacturing and…