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    Planning for the Future: Jason McShane of Kennewick Irrigation District on Improving Drought Resiliency in the Lower Columbia Basin

    Kennewick Irrigation District (KID), a central Washington irrigation district with roots that stretch back to the late 19th century, is lining its canal system. Irrigation Leader speaks with Jason McShane, KID’s engineering and operations manager, about how this initiative will save water and increase the district’s storage capacity. He also tells us about how an Irrigation Leader–sponsored trip to New Zealand gave him ideas for the design of a future reservoir for the district. 

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    Governor Greg Gianforte: Investing in Irrigation and Supporting Montana Agriculture

    Montana is renowned for the beauty of its land and the excellence of its agricultural production, from wheat and pulse crops to meat. That agricultural production, however, relies on water and the irrigation infrastructure that delivers it. From maintenance on century-old projects like the Milk River Project to proposed new ventures like the Fallon Flats Irrigation Project, Montanans know the importance of investment in the infrastructure that supports Montana’s number 1 industry, agriculture. To learn more about the efforts that the state is making to support irrigated agriculture, Mike Murphy, the executive director of the Montana Water Resources Association and the contributing editor of the Montana edition of Irrigation Leader,…

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    Oregon Spirit Distillers: Making Spirits Bright

    Why did Shon Rae make a career change from an irrigation district to a whiskey maker? Because, as they say, “Whiskey is for drinking, and water is for fighting.” While the former assistant manager of the Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) now works in operations at Oregon Spirit Distillers, water still plays a key role in her work as an ingredient and input. 

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    Rubicon Water Expands Its Water Management Technology From Chile to Other Latin American Countries By Jorge Ramírez Contreras

    "The technical level we have reached is formidable. The automated management of water resources is no longer optional—it is required—and thanks to our partnership with Rubicon Water, we are at the forefront of progress in this area.” These are the words of Fernando Rueda, the president of the Ñuble River Joint Board of Control, a water users’ organization located in the south-central area of Chile that began to implement Rubicon technology in 2017 and continues to add water solutions developed by the business today.  Rubicon specializes in the creation of technology to improve the management of water in open-canal irrigation networks. The company’s solutions consist of automated control gates with…

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    Investing in Farm Futures: John Berge of the Nebraska Farm Service Agency

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) provides price support, disaster support, conservation, and farm loan programs to agricultural producers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. To learn more about the agency’s current programs and its focus for the future, Irrigation Leader spoke with a leader who brings decades of policy and hands-on agricultural experience to the table: the new FSA executive director for Nebraska, John Berge. 

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    President Chris Roth of Reinke Irrigation on Tradition and Innovation

    From the world’s first reversible electric-drive center pivot to the newest electronic swing arm used to improve precision irrigation on corners, Nebraska-based Reinke Manufacturing has been an irrigation innovator since 1954. In this interview, Reinke President Chris Roth tells Irrigation Leader about the company’s proud history and its innovative new irrigation solutions. 

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    Advancing Horticulture Careers at Northeast Community College

    Sure, students in Northeast Community College’s Horticulture and Golf Course Management program learn about soil science in the classroom. But they also get out in the field and get their hands in the dirt. The result? A pipeline of young people who are prepared to take jobs in fields such as landscaping and golf course maintenance. Irrigation Leader spoke with a horticulture and agriculture instructor, Dr. Trentee Bush, a horticulture adjunct instructor, Richard M. Wright, and the ag program director, Jill Heemstra, about the program’s curriculum and goals. 

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    Mathias Levarek: Agrotonomy’s Aeroponic Vertical Farming Solutions

    Agrotonomy markets and builds vertical farming towers for clients around the world. Its simple technology drizzles a water-nutrient mixture over the roots of 20–50 plants per tower, allowing them to absorb exactly as much as they need. The towers can be deployed in commercial greenhouses, on rooftops, and outside. In this interview, Agrotonomy CEO Mathias Levarek tells Irrigation Leader about the benefits of Agrotonomy’s solution.