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    Volume 12 Issue 3 March Washington State Edition Kristin Meira of the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association: How Northwest Waterways Work for Irrigated Farmers

    Barge traffic on the Columbia and Snake Rivers is a major route by which Washington State’s irrigated crops are shipped to the coast and around the world, and the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association (PNWA) is the trade association that brings together ports, businesses, public agencies, and individuals to support that traffic. In this month’s cover story, PNWA Executive Director Kristin Meira tells Irrigation Leader about the association’s work and its importance for irrigated ag farmers.  This month, we also focus on the effects of two decades of drought on irrigators in the Rio Grande basin and the impressive efforts that irrigation district managers are carrying out to respond. According to…

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    Volume 12 Issue 1 January Washington State Edition Larry Martin: The Skills of a Top Water Lawyer

    Water resources agencies operate at the intersection of many legal fields, from water rights to environmental regulations to the everyday operating concerns of municipal entities. That means that being a water lawyer requires experience in and thorough knowledge of many areas of the law. In our cover story this month, water lawyer Larry Martin of Halverson Northwest walks us through the intricacies of his trade.  We also feature several stories on the reconstruction of the drop 5 structure in the St. Mary Unit of Montana’s Milk River Project. On October 15, 2020, 5 months after its May failure, Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman and Montana’s congressional delegation, among many other stakeholders…

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    Fighting Groundwater Nitrate Contamination in the Bazile Groundwater Management Area

    Like many agricultural areas with sandy soils, northeastern Nebraska deals with nitrate from fertilizer leaching into its groundwater. In one region in particular, nitrate levels have risen to such a level that they threaten the health of the residents of 10 rural communities that are fully dependent on groundwater for their drinking supplies. In response, the four natural resources districts (NRDs) whose territories overlap this area have decided to work together to address nitrate pollution in the area they have designated the Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA). By joining forces and funds and applying for federal and state grants, they are supporting mitigation activities like education and awareness raising, reporting…

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    Oroville-Tonasket’s Drought Year Water Bank

    Oroville-Tonasket Irrigation District (OTID), located in north-central Washington State, enjoys senior water supplies from its sources in Lake Osoyoos and the Okanagan River. However, the region has undergone droughts in recent years, resulting in curtailment for junior water right holders. In order to make use of the water available to it and to help those without a reliable water supply, OTID has set up a water bank under which it can first protect, then lease a portion of its unused water to interested customers in the Okanogan River basin and downstream along the mainstem Columbia River. In the short term, the water will be leased to help offset the district’s…

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    Volume 11 Issue 3 March2020 Water Banking at Oroville-Tonasket

    In our cover story this month, Jay O’Brien of the Oroville- Tonasket Irrigation District tell us about how his district is putting its unused water in trust and using it to gain revenue while also helping water users in need downstream. It is a promising setup that will be of interest to other Washington State water right holders.  This issue of Irrigation Leader also brings you a number of features on groundwater. In northeastern Nebraska, an area called the Bazile Groundwater Management Area, suffers from nitrate infiltration into its groundwater. We bring you interviews with the managers of four local natural resources districts (NRDs) that have joined forces to engage…

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    Volume 11 Issue 3 March 2020

    Nitrate contamination is a pervasive problem across agricultural regions in the United States and worldwide. In northeastern Nebraska, one area in particular, the Bazile Groundwater Management Area, suffers from nitrate infiltration into its groundwater. In response, four local natural resources districts (NRDs) have joined forces to engage in education and regulation in an effort to mitigate and reverse the nitrate issue. Our special cover story features the manager of each of the four NRDs.  We also put the Bazile area into context with a series of stories on Nebraska. We speak with Jeff Fassett, the director of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, about how his agency cooperates with the…

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    Besler Industries’ Durable Pickup Flatbeds

    Nebraska-based Besler Industries is a family-owned company that builds bale loaders, pivot track closers, tillage equipment, and other machines well known to irrigated farmers. Another of its most popular products is its pickup truck flatbed. The flatbeds are customizable and can accommodate a number of modular boxes according to the user’s needs. Best of all, they’re so durable that they often outlive the trucks they’re installed on. Besler’s flatbeds will be of interest to any irrigation district or organization with a fleet of pickups.  In this interview, Herb Besler, the owner of Besler Industries; Roland Besler, the production manager; and Cliff Kester, the inside sales manager, speak with Irrigation Leader…

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    Dawson Tire’s Mighty RhinoGator Tire

    Dawson Tire and Wheel, based in Gothenburg, Nebraska, is well known for its irrigation tires and wheels. Its most famous product is quite recognizable: the bright green polyethylene RhinoGator pivot tire. The solid RhinoGator will never go flat or fill with water or mud, and it is also UV protected. In this interview, Eric MacPherson, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Dawson Tire and Wheel, speaks with Irrigation Leader about his company and how he developed the RhinoGator tire.

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    Are Goats the Answer to Your Maintenance Needs?

    The term goatscaping often elicits a quizzical look and a half smile, followed by the question, “What?” While the word isn’t in the dictionary and has nothing to do with scapegoats, it’s well known among land managers. Goatscaping is the centuries-old technique of using goats to maintain property.