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    A Tribute to Bob Johnson

    Commissioner Johnson has touched many lives in his decades of public service. He has worked in the Bureau of Reclamation’s regional office in Sacramento as an ag economist; in Reclamation’s regional office in Boulder City, Nevada, as an economist and as branch chief for the economics branch; in Reclamation’s Washington, DC, office, as head of the contracts and repayment branch; in Boulder City again as chief of the operations division of the Lower Colorado Region; as assistant regional director and then regional director of the Lower Colorado Region; and then as commissioner of Reclamation from October 2006 to January 2009. After his retirement from Reclamation, he has been involved in…

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    Sandy Fabritz: Bringing Communities Together for Water at Freeport-McMoRan

    Arizona is a state that has endured difficult water challenges since its founding over a century ago. Its arid climate, varied terrain, and position on the Colorado River relative to other states have often created conflicts among various water users. Sandy Fabritz, the director of water strategy at mining company Freeport-McMoRan, is someone who has not only seen those challenges from various perspectives, but has used her experience to find mutually beneficial solutions to complex water issues. In this interview, Ms. Fabritz tells Irrigation Leader about the path that led her to both public service and the private sector, how Freeport-McMoRan prioritizes environmental and water conservation, and the importance of…

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    Roger Sonnichsen of the Quincy–Columbia Basin Irrigation District

    The Quincy–Columbia Basin Irrigation District (QCBID) is one of the three irrigation districts operating the Columbia Basin Project (CBP), which brings water resources to the Columbia basin. It serves about 250,000 acres, which grow over 45 crops. In this interview, QCBID Manager Roger Sonnichsen tells Irrigation Leader about QCBID’s current top issues and how it is continuing its essential services during the COVID‑19 pandemic. 

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    WaterForce: Advancing Irrigation in New Zealand

    WaterForce is a versatile New Zealand–based water services company that designs and delivers irrigation, water, and wastewater systems for clients including farmers, growers, and sports facilities. Today, one of WaterForce’s focuses is advancing center-pivot irrigation systems through variable-rate irrigation (VRI) and its monitoring and communication system, SCADAfarm. In this interview, WaterForce Director Paul Donaldson tells Irrigation Leader about the company’s history and current services. 

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    Andrew Neill of Onfarm Data: Innovating With Irrigation Data in New Zealand

    Knowledge is power, and nowhere is this truer than in the need for precise data for irrigation in New Zealand. The limitations of the country’s freshwater supply, soil, and regulatory regime necessitate precise use of each drop of water. Accurate data also ensure the precise application of water and fertilizer and allow nutrients to be tracked and controlled to prevent contamination of water resources. Andrew Neill’s company, Onfarm Data, is an innovator in this space. Working with farmers, irrigators, and local regulators, Onfarm has supplied data that all parties use to maximize water and nutrient resources with minimal environmental impact. In this interview, Mr. Neill tells Irrigation Leader about his…

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    Stephen Bell of Trojan Technologies: The Advantages of UV Treatment

    Trojan Technologies is a leading manufacturer of municipal, residential, and industrial ultraviolet (UV) light water treatment technologies. It has broad experience and a huge install base that includes under-sink systems purifying a few liters of water a minute, major municipal facilities that treat millions of gallons of water a day, and even off-grid installations that ensure safe water supplies in remote locations. In this interview, Trojan Technologies President Stephen Bell tells Irrigation Leader about the advantages of UV treatment’s flexibility and about Trojan’s work around the globe. 

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    Wes Long: Bringing HDPE On Site With Tubi Group

    Pipes are a vital element of water infrastructure, and many projects require miles of pipe to complete. The transportation and fusion of large pipe segments is often both expensive and time consuming, and multisection pipes also have more possible failure points. Tubi Group set about to make the fabrication, transportation, and installation of pipes better by creating onsite plants that fabricate pipe at the site where it is needed. In this interview, Wes Long, Tubi Group’s chief operating officer, tells Irrigation Leader how the onsite plants work and their advantages over traditional offsite construction facilities. 

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    Mount Difficulty Winery’s LiveRoof: New Zealand’s Largest Green Roof

    Stormwater360 is a New Zealand company specializing in reducing plastic and other storm water contamination in waterways. It is also active installing green roofs across New Zealand, which dispose storm water and wastewater and can provide other environmental and operational benefits. In this interview, Stor Stormwater360 is a New Zealand company specializing in reducing plastic and other storm water contamination in waterways. It is also active installing green roofs across New Zealand, which dispose storm water and wastewater and can provide other environmental and operational benefits. In this interview, Stormwater360 Director Greg Yeoman tells Irrigation Leader about one significant project at Mount Difficulty winery on New Zealand’s South Island.  mwater360…

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    MGI Pilots New Zealand’s First Emrgy Turbines

    New Zealand irrigation scheme Morven Glenavy Irrigation Company Ltd. (MGI) has gravity-driven water conveyance canals that gradually drop more than 300 feet over the course of their flow. There is significant untapped energy in that flowing water, and in order to take advantage of it, MGI is implementing a pilot project involving three of Emrgy’s modular hydropower units. In this interview, MGI CEO Craig Evans and Emrgy Australasia Sales Manager Sheridan Douglas tell us about the prospects for this exciting project. 

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    Vanessa Winning of Irrigation New Zealand: Bringing a Holistic Perspective to Irrigated Agriculture

    Vanessa Winning has served as the CEO of Irrigation New Zealand (IrrigationNZ) since October 2020. IrrigationNZ is a member-founded industry organization committed to representing the interests of New Zealand’s irrigation sector and promoting best practices across the industry. In this interview, Ms. Winning tells Irrigation Leader about her background, IrrigationNZ’s current top issues, and the importance of taking a holistic view of the benefits of irrigated agriculture.