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    Reinke Brings Smiles to Family With Minipivot By Marilyn Ringen

    Each day is a new opportunity to help others. Reinke Manufacturing’s daily work involves putting the finest irrigation products and technologies in the hands of growers around the world. But one day last fall, Reinke and one of its dealers in Nebraska had the opportunity to install a minipivot that did far more than just irrigate crops.  At a young age, Blaize DeGroff was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by medical problems, developmental delays, and learning challenges. Those with Williams Syndrome are often friendly and talkative, with outgoing personalities. That describes 9‑year-old DeGroff perfectly.  According to his mother, Jessica, Blaize is fascinated with water. And living…

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    Volume 13 Issue 7 July/August Arizona Edition

    By Kris Polly The drought-driven reduction in hydropower production in the Colorado basin and the increasing costs of hydroelectricity and alternate power sources threatens to create a perfect storm for Arizona irrigation districts and irrigated producers. In our cover interview this month, Ed Gerak, the executive director of the Irrigation and Electrical Districts Association of Arizona, helps us figure out what the future could hold.  We also interview Rick Reinders, the co-CEO of Watertronics, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of a wide variety of pump stations, control panels, and telemetry products for the agricultural, industrial/municipal, landscape irrigation, and golf irrigation markets.  Irrigation districts are not usually awash in cash, yet they face…

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    Congressman Dan Newhouse: Supporting Irrigated Ag in Central Washington State

    The Yakima River basin is one of the most productive and intensively irrigated agricultural areas of the United States. Farmers there raise cattle and grow apples, cherries, grapes, pears, and hay. In this interview, Dan Newhouse, who represents Washington’s Fourth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, discusses the importance of irrigated ag to the region and talks about his recent legislation simplifying the title transfer process and putting local districts in the driver’s seat. 

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    Mapping Aquifers From the Sky: California’s Statewide Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys

    To implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), local and state water managers need better information on groundwater. In response to that need, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is conducting airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys to map the subsurface beneath the state’s high-and medium-priority groundwater basins. Irrigation Leader spoke with DWR’s Katherine Dlubac and Steven Springhorn about the surveys, which will help refine hydrogeologic models and identify potential areas for recharging groundwater. 

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    UPL’s Products and Services for Irrigation and Canal Districts

    UPL is the fifth-largest agrochemical company in the world and provides an array of aquatic chemicals to help irrigation districts keep their conveyance structures clean. Not only does UPL manufacture some of the best-known aquatic herbicides in the irrigation business, it also delivers quality customer service. In this interview, UPL’s business lead for aquatics, Jeremy Slade, tells Irrigation Leader about his field of the business and changes in the industry. 

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    Aimee Davis and Ken Quandt: Making Meters Work Smarter and Harder at McCrometer

    McCrometer has long been a stalwart in the irrigation industry. Its innovative meter products allow irrigators to properly measure water efficiently and cost effectively. As new technologies and customer demands have emerged, McCrometer has continually innovated in order to keep providing water users with high-quality yet affordable products. The company continues to do precisely that with its new mag meter products. In this interview, Senior Product Manager Aimee Davis and Market Development Manager Ken Quandt tell Irrigation Leader about why McCrometer developed the new mag meters, how it innovated to optimize them for customers’ needs, and the meters’ appeal to both irrigation and municipal water users. 

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    How Rubicon’s FarmConnect Solution Is Turning Flood and Furrow Irrigation Into an Efficient System

    Rubicon Water’s technology helps manage 3.7 million acres of irrigated land. With thousands of miles of canals modernized and more than 35,000 automated control gates and meters sold, Rubicon’s innovative hardware and software is improving the efficiency and productivity of irrigated agriculture worldwide. One groundbreaking example is Rubicon’s FarmConnect solution, which leverages from technologies within Rubicon’s proven irrigation district solutions to provide individual farmers with precise, high-efficiency surface and furrow irrigation solutions. In this interview, Rubicon Business Development Manager Peter Moller tells us about the development and launch of the FarmConnect solution. 

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    Kurt Miller of Northwest RiverPartners: Educating the Public and Policymakers About Hydropower and Irrigation

    Dams have the potential to serve many of society’s needs: clean energy, transportation, irrigation, and flood control. But dams and hydropower can also generate controversy regarding conservation and river temperatures, which is often inflamed by misinformation. This often can hinder efforts to integrate hydropower into the renewable energy economy now being required by federal and state mandates. Northwest RiverPartners is a group dedicated to combating misinformation and educating the public about the comprehensive benefits hydropower can provide. In this interview, Northwest RiverPartners’ executive director, Kurt Miller, tells Irrigation Leader about the misconceptions the public often has about hydropower and dams, how dams can help further a clean energy economy in…